A fairy Tale

A fairy Tale

Roland Rafael Repczuk creates realistic and surrealistic oilpaintings on canvas in using techniques of the old masters.
Roland Rafael Repczuk already discovered his passion for painting during his
His life is definited by his demand of a permanent development.
He gave his life for art and philosophy. This turns Roland Rafael Repczuk into
a loner.
It gave him a special personality with recurrently philosophically thoughts.
I am neither a dreamer nor a realist.
I enrich myself in life and in the endless aspects of an eternal shifting reality.
Its alterability forces myself not to enslave me from laws
and truths made by human beings.
Laws are unremittingly changed by life itself.
My thoughts are the creator of my destiny.
I rule the roost to subjugate those cacophony
caused by the tragically confusion of my requirements
with my wishes and the want of confidence against the unique creation.

The emergence of an oil painting.
Click on the image and let the animation play.
There is a daily update. Come back and pursue the further development of the process.

Roland Rafael Repczuk


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The oil paints are made out of light-fast pigments by the artist himself.
Rich of details his works guide into complex harmonies. His pictures tell varied stories whose density increases the stronger you observe.
Roland Rafael Repczuk also manufactures fantastic mosaics of smalti veneziano a valuable
smelting glass.

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